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The wind howled and the rain fell so heavily it was nearly impossible to see where you were going. The two Pokemon faced each other, eyes blazing with rage. Groudon snarled, stamping one enormous clawed foot. Tremors pulsed through the ground, and the Pokemon of Hoenn instantly knew something was wrong. Earthquakes didn't just happen in Hoenn - it meant someone or something had enraged the ruler of the land, and on this particular night, it was his sister.

He glared at Kyogre. Fire danced in her eyes, and it was evident in the choppiness of the water that she was furious with him. Yet her large blue body remained stiller than it would be if life had left it. That ability always amazed Groudon. While his anger made his body quiver like the ground did with every step he took, nothing could budge his sister if she didn't want to move.

He took a step forward, putting all of his considerable weight on that one foot, hoping to intimidate his sibling. He growled threateningly, and her face curled into a snarl. The crimson eyes of both Pokemon stared locked with the eyes of the other. Groudon took another ground-shaking step, and Kyogre slapped the water with her large fan-like tail. The tension in the air was high.

Both creatures let out an ear splitting roar. The deafening sound could be heard for miles around. Groudon lunged forward, surprisingly fast considering his size, slashing Kyogre's smooth side with claws that were like daggers. The water Pokemon winced in pain, but quickly retaliated, grabbing her sibling's armoured arm with her mouth. She dived, submerging herself in the inky black ocean and pulling the powerful ground Pokemon with her.

As the two continued their underwater struggle, a pair of watchful yellow eyes gazed upon the scene.
"Idiots," Rayquaza hissed in his rasping voice, "Will they never learn?"
The prologue of my new nuzlocke, I'm Gonna Live Forever.

Go here for artwork of this run - [link]
Next part coming soon!

Normal Nuzlocke rules.
Naming theme - characters from my school play (Fame). Must be their first name if it is known/can be remembered. Once I run out of Fame characters, I named the Pokemon after people who played the characters.
I must win a contest in every single contest hall, preferably with the same Pokemon.
Rules only apply after I get Pokeballs.
I have to defeat both trainers + leader in one go - no Pokemon centre visits.
When going into the gym, I can't bring any Pokemon that are a higher level than the Gym Leader's strongest Pokemon.
In Elite Four and rival battles, I cannot switch my Pokemon until one of the Pokemon involved in the battle faints.
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November 2, 2012
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